Zeke's new brand rollout

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I'm pleased to announce today that I'm rolling out a new version of my personal brand, visual identity, and website. This is the culmination of a lot of work by my internal marketing function, and it's absolutely something to celebrate.

New headshot

Old headshot from 2019
Today's new headshot from the inspired Be Nice Comic

New logo and name

There was no logo or brand name
Brand new name and logo

Inspired by one of the most common programing errors, off-by-one evokes the sense that I'm just a little bit out there... that a couple screws might be a little loose--a reality that I'm embracing today.

My internal design function burnt the midnight oil considering many alternate logos before finally landing on one that captured my ethos.

Why I refreshed my brand identity

My prior identity was established in early 2019. Today, we live in a different world. In 2019, I was attempting to appear professional, considered, and deliberate. But, the feedback from the community was that the brand was a touch boring. We heard you. With today's refresh, you'll find a more jovial, playful, and creative Zeke.


My internal engineering function has worked hard to deliver this site. It's build with Eleventy and Tailwind. Most of my pre-existing content has already been ported.


You can expect to read articles, luke-warm takes, talks and shitposts. The Content Function is still rerecording some older talks and articles. Stay on the lookout for those. They will be backdated to their original release dates.